The best gift of all? Same-day delivery

Haven’t found the perfect Mother’s Day present yet? Don’t panic — from fresh bouquets of roses to bottles of rosé, we’ve got you covered.

While you can never really thank Mom enough for all she does, these gifts come close — and best of all, you can get them delivered the same day (so you can show her some love even at the last minute).

Prove you’re Mom’s favorite once and floral. From classic roses and colorful wildflowers to candy and balloons, Blooms has a bouquet every mom will love. …

Master these quick trips with three simple tips

Convenience store deliveries are fast, easy, and well…convenient, especially when you need to fill up your gas tank or grab a snack before getting back on the road. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of these Favors and provide great service to your customers along the way.

Eat sushi. Save money. Repeat weekly.

Move over, Friday. Sushi Wednesday is our new favorite weekday. 🍣

Every Wednesday, you can get fresh, restaurant quality sushi rolls for just $7 from H-E-B Sushiya (and did we mention delivery is always FREE?).

Now the only question is, how do you roll? Find out here! 👇

By Taylor Hutsler, Runner Community Expert

The Runner app is a digital Swiss army knife with tools for any challenge that comes your way — and knowing how to use them can help you personalize the experience both for you and your customers.

Only have eyes for pie? Don’t miss this local favorite

Pie season is almost here — but for one family-owned and operated bakery and diner in Houston, it never left. A local staple with multiple locations in the Bayou City, House of Pies proudly offers seasonal favorites like pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato pies (plus more than 40 other varieties of desserts!) 24/7/365.

Along with an extensive menu of diner food, House of Pies specializes in fresh, homemade pies made the old-fashioned way, including the house favorite Bayou Goo — a thin layer of sweet cream cheese, chopped pecans, and vanilla and chocolate custard swirl, topped with whipped cream…

We’ve got all your cravings covered

When you need a little taste of summer, these dishes deliver — and so do we!

As part of our Friday Summer Faves series, we’ve been highlighting iconic and Instagram-worthy summer staples like tacos and watermelon agua fresca, grilled kebabs, and some seriously fancy hot dogs — and now, we’re revealing the best places to order them in your favorite Texas city.

Ready to discover some fresh new faves? Here are the most popular places to grab halal, Tex Mex, BBQ, and sushi across the state.


Get your cooler ready

Love beer and wine Favors? We have good news!

Customers can now get everything from Slurpees and snacks to six-packs and chardonnay delivered from select 7-Eleven stores across Texas — which gives you the opportunity to earn even more per Favor (it’s a win-win)!

Here’s a quick refresher on contactless alcohol delivery to help you get started:

Summertime, and the running’s easy

Summer is a great time to relax and recharge, but it’s also the perfect time to run! With the season now in full swing, many Texans are on the go and rely on Favor to get everything from fast food to everyday essentials delivered.

Keep reading for tips and tricks that’ll help you stay busy and earn more so you can enjoy the best of summer on your schedule!

Summer vacation doesn’t have to put a dent in your savings account. Whether you’re visiting family in Falfurrias or heading to South Padre Island for some…

You know Favor is part of H-E-B, right?

Whether you’re trying to prepare dinner at home, catch up on the latest episode of your favorite reality TV show, or send your mom flowers for her birthday — H-E-B and Favor have you covered.

Together with H-E-B, we’re excited to introduce three new commercials highlighting the convenience of getting anything delivered with Favor (and letting us do the hard work so you can get back to doing what you love!).

The first commercial, titled “Yes, Chef,” opens on a young man attempting to follow a cooking recipe, before realizing the meal is (and we quote) “totally and utterly trashed.”…

Our Favor-ite fathers share their stories

It’s time to celebrate the real MVPs (most valuable parents): Dads!

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked members of Dads at Favor — an employee resource group (ERG) that provides an open and vulnerable community where dads of all experiences can discuss their accomplishments and struggles — to share what they love most about fatherhood, their best parenting advice, and of course, their favorite (cringeworthy) dad joke.

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